Which is the best automated grammar checker? I tested and compared 3.

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2 min readSep 11, 2020

There are many free automated grammar checkers available online. I wanted to find out if any of them are reliable and, if so, which is the best?

After a brief look at lots, I chose 3 to compare. I chose ones that seem the most widely known or the ones that do the most promotion — Ginger, Grammarly and Google.

I put 3 short texts into each grammar checker and compared the results, which you can see in the table below. Most importantly, I compared the results with the texts corrected by a human.

I work helping non-native English speakers improve their English, so I was particularly interested to test using texts written by non-native speakers.

You can see screenshots of all the corrected texts at the bottom of this article.

As you can see, the most reliable automated grammar checker is Google. (Hardly surprising, Google seems to dominate anything it turns to). You can access the Google grammar checker by putting your text into a Gmail email or a Google Doc.

But what if you want to be absolutely certain your text is correct? You’ll need to use a human to check it. For example, on this website a qualified native English speaker will check 1500 words for £5.

If you’re interested in generally improving your English (to be ready for those times when you don’t have a grammar checker near!) use Go Correct. You’ll write a short text every day, which is corrected by a human teacher. You receive a daily topic to write about and you can see explanations of your mistakes.

The corrected texts…




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